NuVest Management Services is a Canadian owned firm offering accounting and finance services to small and medium-sized companies. Our approach is to bring the same competitive advantages enjoyed by large organizations to the small and medium-sized market.

We offer Onshore, Offshore and Blended offerings which can be customized to meet any companies’ particular requirements. Our Onshore offerings take advantage of the familiar, well-educated and skilled Canadian labour market. This is supplemented with our offshore offerings in The Philippines. Blended solutions take advantage of the relative skills and advantages of both markets – teams in Canada and The Philippines working as a coordinated whole.


The Benefits of Partnering
with NuVest

Reduce Cost.  Do More.  Respond Faster.

Big companies have known this for a long time. Moving your non-core management functions to others who specialize in those functions increases efficiencies, and moving non-core work to low-cost locales reduces the cost base, allowing you to do more with the same. Better information, faster, means you can respond more quickly to market opportunities.



Timely, detailed, sophisticated financial reporting isn’t just nice, it’s a business imperative. Sadly, many companies aren’t getting what they need. NuVest commits to no nonsense deadlines for financial reporting, fast turnaround on ad hoc analysis that you need yesterday and unbiased views on your financial system and reporting. Our Accounting services include consultancy, accounting, bookkeeping, regular reporting (recommend monthly), taxation, internal audit.


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For anyone needing a bookkeeper, I highly recommend NuVest. They work smart, efficient, fast and their quality service is very affordable. More than that, they understand business. Eric Landy - Managing Director, Founder - Made Media Inc.

The team at NuVest provides customized solutions to my business needs. I especially value their ability to execute on time and as promised. Marco Marrone - Partner - Made Media Inc.

At NuVest, Irina Cojocari is a very experienced and well rounded professional. Her business knowledge and commercial understanding is well above the level we expected and also what could be considered as normal. These additional areas of strength resulted in Irina being able to materially improve not only our accounting/ financial processes and reporting procedures but to also streamline and improve many of our key business practices. We are unquestionably a more disciplined, better managed, and more profitable company as a result of Irina’s time and efforts while she was with us. Irina was a true joy to work with and we will be asking for her assistance and guidance on a regular basis as our company moves forward. Bob Mitchell - President - Allied Marine & Industrial Inc.

Nuvest is instrumental to StraightArrow's growth. Through their financial and management accounting solutions, our leadership is acquiring an important skill we like to call financial intelligence - the ability to understand financial reports and use the information to make the right decisions. Also, Nuvest's expertise in the outsourcing industry is a source of invaluable business insight and advice. Our company could not have grown from 2 people to over 200 in a few years without a strategic partner like Nuvest. Ia del Rosario - Managing Director - Straightarrow Corp - Nuvest Client since 2012

NuVest Corporation was instrumental in the acquisition of my latest business. They did a thorough job when they performed the necessary due diligence and guided me through the process. Real gave me tremendous support by listening and understanding my needs and with that knowledge of what I envisioned for the business, he helped with funding which then resulted in increasing my revenue by 100% in 5 years. Jonathan Gillingham - Founder - Boss Promotions

“I began working with NuVest due to growth related pressures on the accounting side of my business. They have provided me with an extremely organized approach to my business along with reliable, timely reporting - two things which I was not accustomed to. I am happy to recommend the team at NuVest without reservations. Bryan Dykstra - Asset Manager - Residence on First