Skills and Experience You Can Bank On

Having the right people, with the right experience, in the right roles is crucial to any aspect of your company. The problem is, even when you start with the right people, the role itself can grow beyond their talents, or expand beyond their capacity.

Understanding the IFRS Rules for Revenue Recognition

Although its actual implementation has been delayed to 2018, buying us all another year to study it in full, the new IFRS 15 revenue standard is something you should be making yourself aware of sooner rather than later.


  1. What is NuVest?

    NuVest is a fully cycle, global accounting outsource provider. We bring the accounting approach of large organizations to small and medium-sized firms. When partnering with NuVest, you get the expertise of a full team of qualified accountants that specialize in separate areas for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own team. NuVest creates a stress-free and rewarding process of dealing with the tedious procedures of accounting. From accounts payable to accounts receivable and reporting, our services continue to be agile, reliable and with innovations that give your company a clearer image of your financial performance.

  2. What is NuVest’s experience in the marketing industry?

    NuVest’s team has exposure to multiple industries; from manufacturing to software development, digital design and marketing. Our team is a collection of people with different backgrounds that compile a knowledge base that can answer any accounting issue. Our team has global experience and reach.

  3. What are NuVest’s qualifications?

    Our team consists of accountants with US and Canadian CPA designations. 

  4. Where is NuVest located?

    NuVest is a Canadian company located in St. Catharines Ontario. We operate offices in Manila, The Philippines.

  5. What is the length of the transition process?

    The transition process will take one month for our office to gain an understanding of your operations. Once we understand your needs, we will develop specific procedures for your firm that will be followed by our accounting team to reach optimal results. During this time, we will visit your operations, study your current accounting systems and implement this change.

  6. What do you need to create a proposal?

    To create a proper proposal, we would need to understand the volume of your work, the amount of daily, weekly and monthly transactions through the payable and receivable module and your reporting requirements. We also need to become familiar with your employment base and compensation plans.

  7. What will the document flow look like?

    Document flow is unique to each client. The majority of accounting information today is electronic. For transactions still requiring paper, we will make arrangements to have mail and documents delivered to NuVest. All documents will be scanned and electronically stored. We also offer document storage solutions.

  8. How secure is the record keeping?

    Our accounting software operates on a private server. Access is monitored to limit who is privy to your information. In regular operations, we set up a process of automatic daily backup of all your files to ensure that at any time your company information is secure. Offshore operations are paperless and electronically monitored 7X24. Additional policies and procedures ensure security and confidentiality.

  9. Can you advise on taxes and propose ideas for improvements and cash savings?

    Yes, we can provide basic business taxation advice. More complex taxation issues can be referred to one of our partner specialists.